Scott’s Bio

Born in 1959, the son of a U.S. Air Force officer and housewife, Scott Wade spent most of his childhood at the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs, Co., where his father taught history and later became the faculty executive. His great childhood included lessons in art, piano and drums, and he played drums in band starting in 5th grade. His father was an amateur cartoonist and would make coloring books for the neighborhood kids at Christmas-time. Scott loved to draw from an early age, and by the third grade he was receiving praise from his grade-school principal, who hung several of his drawings in her office.

Music and art always held great interest and Scott continued to draw, paint, and play in the band when he moved to Texas in 1973. In high school, Scott won several honors for his drumming, and was awarded the John Philip Sousa Band Award.  He was also active in Boy Scouts, eventually becoming an Eagle Scout, and joined his first rock band during his senior year.

Scott attended Texas State University on a partial music scholarship, then after a year decided he didn’t want to be a band director and transferred majors to explore his other big passion, art. He graduated with a BFA in Commercial Art and spent the next decade playing in various local bands, working part-time jobs, illustrating and designing  for various clients, composing and performing music in the university theatre department, and generally exploring his creativity. Scott spent 6 months as a mental health worker at the Austin State Hospital, and eventually landed a job as an Arts & Crafts Instructor at a Job Corps Center in his home town of San Marcos, Texas. By this time Scott had overcome his fear of getting sucked into the virtual world of computer graphics and taught himself Photoshop and Illustrator.   After leaving the Job Corps, Scott launched into a free-lance career as an illustrator and graphic designer. After his daughter was born, Scott was mister-mom for her first four years, then landed a job designing signs, then migrated into a corporate position. Today, in addition to Dirty Car Art, Scott holds a full-time position as a Senior GUI Designer for Airstrip, in San Antonio, and still manages to play a few music gigs each month.

Scott continually seeks opportunities to bring Dirty Car Art to the world, making appearances at fair, festivals, and corporate events, and contributing his talents to ad and PR campaigns the world over.