San Marcos, Texas Wine & Art Walk: 3/7/2014

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Robin & I lived in San Marcos for many years- it was the birthplace of Dirty Car Art- and Robin still works at the Public Library there. The city hired me to create some Dirty Car Art for this event, which was great fun. The wine was excellent, but between trying to finish the very challenging piece (from Renior's Luncheon Of The Boating Party) and catching up with dozens of San Marcos friends, I really couldn't tell you what I was drinking. This piece was completed in about three hours. I had a lot of fun attempting to capture the spirit of Renoir in dust. As always, trying to pay homage the work of a master on a dirty car window is a humbling and educational process. It inevitably leads to a greater appreciation of their genius. And hopefully it makes me a better artist.

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