El Hormiguero

I'm posing here with the science producer on the Spanish TV show, "El Hormiguero." The Image is from the poster for Jeremy Iron's movie, "Night Train to Lisbon." He was the guest star on the show, and they brought me out near the end of the show to show him this work and to have me to a quick sketch of Mr. Irons, live. The show is filmed in Madrid, so I had a fun adventure there, and got to spend a lot of time in the Prado, looking at amazing art. I also got to meet Jeremy Irons and have my picture taken with him. Always been a big fan, so that was a real treat.

About 3 minutes before I was to go on the show, the producer came to me practically in tears and informed me that someone had gotten into the vehicle I did this piece on, and turned on the rear window wiper, obliterating most of the image. She was so afraid I would be devastated. But of course I just smiled and said "it's only dirt." I thought it was actually kinda cool. They had created a time-lapse of me doing the piece, so they had something to show Mr. Irons. So all worked out fine.

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