Cypress Root

This piece served double duty- as a featured piece for the German TV show, Galileo (again- I had some work featured on it several years ago), and as a tribute to my hometown of Wimberley, Texas, which was so devestated this past Memorial Day Weekend by unprecedented flooding of the Blanco River. In one evening the river rose some 14 feet beyond the 500 year flood stage (some 43+ feet), with a wall of water that ripped through the valley flowing at 2.6 times the rate of Niagara Falls, destroying many homes and taking several lives. The photo I used here is by the excellent Wimberley photographer, Herb Smith. Herb's house had over 7 feet of water in it. Herb was kind enough to allow me to use his excellent photo as inspiration for this piece. The Blanco has always inspired me, along with the flora and fauna that abide in and near it. It will recover, but has changed irrevocably. Dirty Car Art teaches me not to hold on to the past, and I need that lesson to keep me from dwelling in despair.

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