Image Gallery

  • Toobin’


    An early piece. The "canvas" was ready- many days driving over our dirt road- when some kid drew a line…

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  • Toronto Skyline

    Toronto Skyline

    This was part of the gallery show for Carstar's annual "Soaps It Up" fundraiser. Click READ MORE to see a…

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  • Tortugas!


    I created this piece for an issue of Texas Profiles (I think).

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  • Trapped!


    Sometimes a piece doesn't turn out as you intended. I was thinking a funny "Home Alone" sort of image, but…

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  • Vincent Price & Peter Lorrie

    Vincent Price & Peter Lorrie

    Created as part of a Halloween series at Maker Fair, in Austin, TX

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  • Texas Wildflowers

    Texas Wildflowers

    Created for a South Korean Television show, shot in Cuero, TX

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  • Wildlife Collage

    Wildlife Collage

    An early piece that was inspired by a Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. How many critters can you spot?

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  • Willie


    Some images of Willie Nelson from various points in his career. Created at Maker Fair, in Austin, TX

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  • Him & Her

    Him & Her

    Often, my earlier pieces were cartoony faces.

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  • Wolfman And His Mummy

    Wolfman And His Mummy

    Part of a Halloween series I did at Maker Fair, Austin, TX

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  • Sexy Lady Longhorns

    Sexy Lady Longhorns

    These women (sexy, their shirts proclaim it) are friends from their University of Texas days. My friend Suzanne ask if…

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  • Neuschwanstein Castle

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    Created for the German television show, "Galileo."

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  • Mariachis


    This piece was one of several panels I did for the Luminaria Festival in San Antonio, TX. The work is…

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  • Carstar Soaps It Up!

    Carstar Soaps It Up!

    This piece was created outside the gallery in Toronto, where I did several pieces as a gallery exhibition for Carstar's…

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  • Inside Edition

    Inside Edition

    I did this portrait of the show's host, but the segment never was aired. Sometimes you wind up on the…

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  • Girl With A Pearl Earring

    Girl With A Pearl Earring

    An early dusty homage to Vermeer's classic masterpiece. The "natural" canvas had been used before, and covered over by more…

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  • Caddo Indian

    Caddo Indian

    From the Via Colori street art festival in Houston, TX. November, 2012

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  • Aquarium #4

    Aquarium #4

    The last panel in the series from Art Splash, in Carlsbad, CA. This panel I did on the second day,…

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  • Roadrunner and Coyote

    Roadrunner and Coyote

    A more naturalistic approach to the classic rivalry. Except for the roadrunner's eye deciding to be Egyptian, I've always liked…

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  • Lone Star Dust

    Lone Star Dust

    A kind fellow by the name of Mark Warren contacted me about participating in a presentation he was giving at…

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  • Elvis And The Shark

    Elvis And The Shark

    A whimsical image for the storefront of the new Swimware Etc store in downtown Vancouver. Created for their grand opening.…

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  • Ataturk


    Here I am standing alongside an image of Ataturk I created as an event for Cevahir Shopping Center in Istanbul,…

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  • Bill & Charlton

    Bill & Charlton

    Bill Murray and Charlton Heston, another two famous Illinoisans depicted in dust for the Decatur Celebration, Decatur, Illinois. July, 2010

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  • Audrey Landers

    Audrey Landers

    This was one of several portraits of cast members who attended the Dallas 30th Reunion Gala at Southfork Ranch.

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  • Java Jive

    Java Jive

    On a rainy night at the Java Jive fundraiser for the Katherine Ann Porter School in Wimberley, TX, I drew…

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  • Buckwheat and Alfalfa

    Buckwheat and Alfalfa

    Another panel for the street art festival in Santa Clarita, CA. October, 2010

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  • Einstein With Paw Print

    Einstein With Paw Print

    Sometimes my cat, Squeak, likes to get into the act. This was the first image I did with an "artificial"…

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  • Mt. Rushmore

    Mt. Rushmore

    This one was done for the Country Fried Home Videos on the CMT channel.

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  • Atlanta #1

    Atlanta #1

    I was invited to do some work at the Atlanta Arts Festival. My friend, John McDavitt, had this killer idea…

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  • Atlanta #2

    Atlanta #2

    I was invited to do some work at the Atlanta Arts Festival. My friend, John McDavitt, had this killer idea…

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  • Atlanta #3

    Atlanta #3

    I was invited to do some work at the Atlanta Arts Festival. My friend, John McDavitt, had this killer idea…

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  • Atlanta #4

    Atlanta #4

    I was invited to do some work at the Atlanta Arts Festival. My friend, John McDavitt, had this killer idea…

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  • Sideways Head

    Sideways Head

    This huge carved stone head is in the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey. This was created in Cevahir Shopping Center…

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  • The Haywain

    The Haywain

    After Constable's beautiful painting. I traveled to London and created this on the Richard and Judy Show.

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  • Alamo


    This was done at the Luminaria Festival in San Antonio, TX, working with Ford. March, 2009

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  • My Ol’ Pal Drifter

    My Ol’ Pal Drifter

    Greatest dog friend I've ever had. Here's to you, buddy. RIP

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  • Chichen Itza

    Chichen Itza

    Image of the famous Mayan Pyramid created at Insurgentes, in Mexico City as a promotional stunt for Mattel's Pictionary.

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  • The Three Stooges

    The Three Stooges

    Another panel for the street art festival in Santa Clarita, CA. October, 2010

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  • Darla & Spanky

    Darla & Spanky

    I always had a thing for Darla when I was a young boy. Santa Clarita, CA

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  • Thespians


    I occasionally participate in a production in my hometown with the Wimberley Players. Really a fine community theatre with high…

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  • Boat On The Bosphorus

    Boat On The Bosphorus

    This piece was one of 5 done in Istanbul, Turkey, at the enormous Cevahir Shopping Center. Got to take the…

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  • Modern Marvels Logo

    Modern Marvels Logo

    Created in dirt for the episode about "dirt" that featured my Dirty Car Art, for all the dirt-lovers out there. Did…

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  • Dirt


    Created for the Modern Marvels episode that featured my work.

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  • Marilyn & Audrey

    Marilyn & Audrey

    Created for Carstar's annual "Soaps It Up" fundraiser. Toronto, June 2012

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  • Pink Fest

    Pink Fest

    This image was created at Pink Fest in Wimberley, TX. It features famous female musicians who have beaten breast cancer.…

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  • Run The Risk

    Run The Risk

    Created as a promotion for Lori Foster's release of "Run The Risk." Also featured in this video, created by Onion…

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  • American Gothic On Vacation

    American Gothic On Vacation

    One of two storefront windows dirtied up and drawn on for the grand opening of Swimwear Etc.s new store in…

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  • Linda Grey Signs Her Dirty Portrait

    Linda Grey Signs Her Dirty Portrait

    I created several portraits in dust for the 30th Anniversary Dallas Reunion at Southfork Ranch. Linda great signs hers in…

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  • Abbot & Costello

    Abbot & Costello

    One of several panels created at the Street Art Festival in Santa Clarita, CA, October, 2010

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  • Renault In Monument Valley

    Renault In Monument Valley

    This piece was created for an event in Westfield London mall, as part of a stunt for Renault.

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  • Galata Tower

    Galata Tower

    This one depicts Galata Tower, in Istanbul. It was created for a PR stunt for the enormous Cevahir Shopping Center,…

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  • Horton Celebrates Seuss

    Horton Celebrates Seuss

    I did this on for the Art Walk at Callahan Elementary in San Antonio, TX. It was close to Dr.…

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  • Dragon On A Wagon

    Dragon On A Wagon

    This dragon was one of two images I created for a Nokia commercial, shot in LA

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  • UTOPiAfest


    One of three panels created at UTOPiAfest, near Utopia, TX. Awesome music festival.

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  • Frida


    A portrait of Frida Kahlo being drawn for an event at Insurgentes Square in Mexico City, for the promotion of…

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  • Armadillo


    Detail of a piece I did for a TV news segment, done by the incomparable Jim Swift, who's folksy charm…

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  • Scott & Ponty

    Scott & Ponty

    Here I am at work on a portrait of Texas accordion legend, Ponty Bone, in celebration of his 70th lap…

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  • Abby & Brady

    Abby & Brady

    Wedding portrait of some friends, Abby & Brady, created on a rainy day in Central Texas. One of the best…

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  • Longhorns


    Created for South Korean TV in Cuero, Texas. Crazy old world...

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  • Harry On His Broomstick

    Harry On His Broomstick

    I created this one for the kids at Carnahan elementary for their Art Walk, in 2012.

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