Grade School Project for Abingdon-Avon School District in Galesburg and Abingdon, IL 1/15/2014

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Robin and I traveled to a snowy, cold Galesburg, Illinois to present and teach Dirty Car Art to grade school kids from the Abingdon-Avon School District. Their dedicated and inspired art teacher, Dian Clark, brings recognized artists to this small town in rural Illinois to expose her grade school art students to the larger world of art.

The two-day project consisted the first day of a demonstration and talk at the Nissan Dealership in Galesburg, with all grade levels bussed in from Abingdon and Avon for three 45-minute sessions with about 75-100 kids per group. Galesburg is known for 2 things; the birthplace of Carl Sandburg, and trains. So that is what I chose to depict on the Nissan Cube provided by the dealership- way fun to work on, with the wrap-around glass! The kids would troop in while I worked on the piece, then I'd give a talk about my art and impermanent art in general, followed by a Q & A session. The kids were really engaged and asked some great questions.

The second day I taught 3rd and 4th graders some DCA technique and gave a short presentation to the 1st graders at Hedding Elementary in Abingdon, using dust on acrylic panels. Dian, Robin and I prepped the panels before each class. I gave a quick discussion and slideshow, then the kids had a blast creating their own "dirty art." It's hard to express how cool it was to see kids grasp the possibilities of this medium. Some of their work was very impressive, and I can't but hope a new generation of Dirty Car Artists will emerge from that little town in Illinois :) Hat's off to Dian Clark, who worked tirelessly getting grants and cajoling local businesses and negotiating with the school officials to make this happen. It was a real privilege for me to get to share my art with these children.

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  1. Do you or have you guys ever come over to the UK. My son is doing a similar type project in school - I'll let him know about your site Regards Mike