MINIusa stunt for spring cleaning sales event, March 31 – April 18, 2013

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This one was a doozy. Ad agency, BSSP contacted me to see if I could create some artwork for a stunt to generate interest in the Spring Cleaning Sales Event to take place at dealerships in Houston, LA, New York and Chicago. The original idea was to do artwork on 2 work vans in each of the 4 cities. They would be driven around to strategic locations and to event for 2 weeks prior to the sales events. The vans ended up being large delivery trucks with boxes 16' x 8' on the sides, and 8' x 8' on the back. There was only a month to plan the whole thing. The art would differ from my usual medium, in that the truck panels were white and I would use dark dust, and I would be working on the body of the vehicle instead of glass. I hired my fellow artist and dear friend, Rico Morales, to help by handling the art on the rear of the vehicles, leaving me free to concentrate on the side panels. This project ending up being the hardest thing I've ever done. We averaged about 3 hours of sleep a night, worked in the heat, in the cold, sometimes in downright scary conditions, got incredibly filthy- but everything turned out great, we actually had a lot of fun, and made some great friends! MINI is awesome! And the producer, Rebecca Lanthorne, and art director, Eric Styles, pitched in and made it possible for us to meet the deadlines. A couple of sweeties, and highly competent professionals.

You can read more about our exploits in the #45 issue of MC2 magazine.

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